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Flash Sale: Scorpion-Franco-Argoman [Multiple Products]

2 Day Flash Sale for two Blu-rays (and a bonus DVD in a sleeve). Limited quantites! Sale is over Sunday night or until products have sold out. Includes: Night of the Scorpion [Blu-ray] + PreSale Booklet Notes of the Scorpion. Jess Franco's Forgotten Films Vol 1 (Collectors Edition) [Blu-ray]. And, Argoman the Fantastic Superman (DVD) in a sleeve.

Total Runtime: 349 minutes ♦ Regions: ABC ♦ UPC: SALE20170520
  • 2 day sale and Limited quantities, sale is over Sunday evening or when products are gone.
  • Ships out on Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
  • Packaged for least amount of shipping charges for international orders

Night of the Scorpion (1972)

Runtime: 92 minutes ♦ Resolution: Full HD ♦ Audio: English (2.0) ♦ Subtitles:English, Spanish, Italian
Director: Alfonso Balcázar
Actors: José Antonio Amor, Daniela Giordano, Nuria Torray, Teresa Gimpera, Giola Desideri, Alicia Tomás, Osvaldo Genazzani, Carlo Gentill

Rich widower Oliver leaves his childhood mansion after the death of his wife Helen. He spends a year soul searching and ends up finding Ruth. They quickly marry and return to the family mansion. Ruth can not help but feel there is more to the death of Helen than her husband and his family are telling her. Can she discover the truth before it is too late?

The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff (1973)

Runtime: 81 minutes ♦ Resolution: Full HD ♦ Audio: Spanish (2.0) ♦ Subtitles:English, Spanish, Italian
Director: Jess Franco
Actors: William Berger, Montserrat Prous, Edmund Purdom, Robert Woods, Loreta Tovar, Kali Hansa, Joaquín Blanco, José Manuel Martín, Jaume Picas, Lina Romay

The evil Dr. Orloff re-emerges in this story, his sinister plans of revenge which involve the demise of an entire family so he can obtain their fortune. His method of destructive mayhem involves a young girl and mind control... the machiavellian plan is working so well until......

The Silence of the Tomb (1972)

Runtime: 83 minutes ♦ Resolution: Full HD ♦ Audio: Spanish (2.0) ♦ Subtitles:English, Spanish, Italian
Director: Jess Franco
Actors: Montserrat Prous, Alberto Dalbés, Glenda Allen, Mario Álex, Luis Induni, Francisco Acosta

A group of friends are dropped off by boat to this remote island for a getaway weekend of fun and pleasure. What is the secret of the kidnapping of a child? Evil rears its ugly head as suspicion and fear occur when gruesome murders happen one by one. Will anyone survive?

The Fantastic Argoman (DVD in sleeve) (1967)

Runtime: 93 minutes ♦ Resolution: NTSC ♦ Audio: English (2.0) ♦ Subtitles:
Director: Sergio Grieco
Actors: Roger Browne, Dominique Boschero, Eduardo Fajardo, Nadia Marlowa, Nino Dal Fabbro, Tom Felleghy

This film is a very unique superhero movie. If you were practically invincible, had powers beyond the grasp and scope of mortal man, and had the chiseled features of royalty... what would you do? Argoman is that kind of superhero. Brave, courageous, out to help establish peace... but kind of a criminal as well. Constantly in between being blamed for theft and being praised for his assistance, he saves the day and adds to his "collection." His alter-ego is equally fascinating. It is not really an act as he "plays the part" of a regal, wealthy, influential man of British society. That is simply his personality. He is not above doing what is needed, he just enjoys the ease that stature provides. He is not at all bashful about his identity, either Argoman or Sir Reginald. He doesn't seek to hide his identity too hard either, making such a mild attempt that it makes it laughable the police haven't figure it out by now.

This film has such amazing character and culture. Just examine the stages and props. It is SO 1960's... almost as if this film was a video "definition" of 60's sci-fi and TV.

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Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017

Pre-Sale: Explosive Eurocrime Vol 1 [Blu-ray + DVD combo]

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The Pre-Sale runs until March 31st, 2017 at midnight Eastern Time.
Pre-sale Website Link
This double feature includes: Special Cop in Action (1976) and Weapons of Death (1977). All pre-sale orders are individually numbered limited editions. Pre-sale orders are shipped about 3 months before the August 8th, 2017 release date.
Both films are region Free, Full HD mastered in 4k, original aspect ratio, English audio, with no digital noise reduction.